Our Story

The inspiration for our company is Martha, our beautiful yellow lab who lived to be 15. Martha dedicated her life to Guide Dogs for the Blind. We were fortunate to adopt her upon her retirement.

Having Martha as a constant “on the go” companion required us to pack her necessities such as water, snacks, bowl, blanket, bags, and leashes. The one item we always seemed to run out of was water, and the other item we could never find was the bowl. Allowing Martha to drink from a shared water bowl or fountain was never ideal because of the bacteria and parasites they harbor. My husband and I began designing the bottle & bowl for on the go dog owners. Several years and prototypes later, we settled on an exquisite design and alkaline water to bring Purely Canine Water to market.

The mission of the Martha Dog Company is to offer convenience and health everywhere you love taking your dog such as open eateries, coffee shops, convenience stores, hotels and daycares.

Here is to happy, healthy and hydrated pups.

The Martha Dog Company

The Martha Dog Company

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Founder & CEO

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